Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Secret Behind Catappa Leaves ( Daun Ketapang )

Catappa Leaves (Daun Ketapang)

This post talk about Catappa Leaves due to request from one of my junior. Actually, at first i also don't know why this leaves quite important for ornamental and also aquaculture. I always saw culturist and ornamental shops put this leave into the aquarium and the water turn into yellowish/brownish or black. Why they did that?? it just cloudy and give bad view for ur aquarium..What secret behind this?? I asked them why u put this leaves?? they just said to give a good colour to ur fish...mmmm i start wondering is that all??

Then i go back home and search about this leaves,,,,WoW surprisingly it not just simply trash leaves. These is what i'm searching and i wanna share with u guys..

There are many names of this leaves such as ( Daun Ketapang, Catappa Leaves, Indian Almond Leaves , tropical almond, badmier, Java almond, wild almond, myrobalan, Malabar almond, Singapore almond, Huu kwang, kobateishi, Terminalia Catappa Leaves ) and scientific name for this leaves is Terminalia catappa. This tree we can easily found in the tropical forest of Tropical Asia & Northern Australia and today also common in tropical parts of Americas. This tree live freely near river or lakebank and their leaves fall naturally into the river. The tree is known to produce a poison in its leaves and sap to defend against insect parasites. When the dried leaves fall into the river, a strong brown dye is given off. The dye is full of organic acids like humic and tannins.

So the dried Ketapang leaves actually release organic acids like humic and tannins which lowers the pH of the water, absorbs harmful chemical, detox heavy metals and create a soothing and calm environment for the fish. It also can improve colour and give more vibrant to the fish such as Bettas, Arowana, Kelah etc. The leaves were found to help keep the fish healthy with strong anti-bacterial properties and promote better breeding.

Caution!!! : The over use these leaves will cause water pH down with dramatically and will harm the fish.

pH water will dramatically get down if too much leaves were added into aquarium or tanks and will cause sudden dead to the fish when the water pH going below 6.8. Because of that, we need to put it with the suitable amount with the water. The good quality water when the pH between 6.8-7.5 then the good temperature between 27C-29C. Many think that this leaves function is similar with "black water" with sold in the market today. The conclusion, this leaves is very suggestible for stress releasing for ur beloved fish.  

Don't waste ur money buying expensive stuff, go natural to substitute Blackwater. Alhamdulillah it will be a good, effective, save, easy and freeee...U can get this leaves around UPM if u stay here, u can round and simply found it. I also use this leaves to treat my fish.

STEP to use this leaves;

1) First of all get the fallen leaves make sure it totally dried out if not dry it under sun. Rinse the leaves before  put it into ur aquarium. After 1-2 days the leaves will sink at the bottom and start to produce brown colour and change ur water. Remove the leaves after 10 days use it. I suggest u use 1 leave per 20 litre of water.


1) To make blackwater u need to boil the leaves to produce blackwater extract and u can use it when needed. Blackwater also can produce when u soak the leaves for 10 days.

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