Sunday, April 22, 2012

Breeding Japanese Koi & Kelah Consultancy Sg. Gabai

Salam and Evening...

            I just come back from Sg. Gabai, Ulu Langat....I was invited to give consultancy about Kelah by their owner Mr Azmi from Mr Koi Farm company. We talk about our plan to breed Kelah Bara in their pond in the future. After finish discussion, i was lucky because at that time they plan to induce spawning to their Japanese Koi in their pond. I exited to know and learn how to breed them. Follow me what they are doing:

(1) Sort out male and female breeders from main tanks

(2)  Choose potential breeders

(3) Anesthetic the breeders

(4) Record their weight and length

(5)  1 female to the ratio of 2 male

(6) Check maturity of male and female breeders

Different between Female and Male breeders
(7) Inject the male and female with specific volume depend on their weight

(8) After injection transfer the breeders into spawning tank that containing artificial substrate for spawning condition, this fish will spawn after 12 hour post injection and on the next day after 24 PI we need to separate the breeders and wait the egg in incubator. The eggs will hatch around 3-4 days post spawning and produce small fry.

            Today i learn a good lesson and will practice it in the future. Thank you owners of the pond because kindly invited me and not "kedekut" share their knowledge about this expensive Japanese Koi breeding.


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